June 1, 1987

Output Sharing as a form of Wage Payment During Harvest

Sajjad Zohir Article published in BIDS Journal The Bangladesh Development Studies Vol. 15, No. 2 (June 1987), pp. 121-132 Prevalence of fixed coefficient technology in harvest operation is shown; and […]
February 1, 1986

Methods in Social Research

Sajjad Zohir Article published in Journal of BIDS Unnayan Samikkhaya চতুর্থ খণ্ড, বার্ষিক সংখ্যা, ১৩৯৩ Language: Bangla (Bengali) Accidentally discovered this old article published in Bangladesh Unnayan Sameekhya of BIDS […]
September 1, 1982

Rural Credit Market in Noakhali District, Bangladesh

Sajjad Zohir | September 1982| Credit is an important component of the current rural development programmes that are being pursued in many under-developed countries. Such programmes can be effective only […]