June 16, 2003

Free Trade with India: Assessing Indian gains from a Bangladesh perspective

June 16, 2003 Sajjad Zohir The culture of assessing the potential gains and losses of your counterpart if common in international negotiations. Unfortunately, this was miserably missing in discourses visible […]
May 1, 2003

MFI Competition, Overlapping and the After-Effects

Sajjad Zohir Following overlaps in MFI membership, the paper looks into early phase of MFI competition in Bangladesh. Microfinance (MF) industry in Bangladesh has been the subject of study in […]
January 24, 2003

Economics of Gas Export: why we need to look into ‘economic’ prices

January 24, 2003 Sajjad Zohir   During 1999-2003, there had been renewed attention to the issue of gas export. The exchanges often got passionate and very little clarifications were provided […]
November 29, 2002

Opportunities And Challenges In Agriculture And Garments: A General Equilibrium Analysis Of The Bangladesh Economy

Channing Arndt, Paul Dorosh, Marzia Fontana and Sajjad Zohir International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) For the past […]