June 1, 2004

Participation of Non-Government/Private Sectors in the Delivery of Social Services-Reconciling with Economics

Sajjad Zohir What was once considered as a social sector under the government administered sector, increasingly got transferred to non-government and private sectors. Experiences are summarized to reflect on the […]
October 7, 2003

A Study on Food Aid Leakage in Bangladesh

A Study on Food Aid Leakage in Bangladesh AU Ahmed, S Rashid, M Sharma and Sajjad Zohir When Akhter U Ahmed of IFPRI contacted me to participate in the study […]
June 16, 2003

Free Trade with India: Assessing Indian gains from a Bangladesh perspective

June 16, 2003 Sajjad Zohir The culture of assessing the potential gains and losses of your counterpart if common in international negotiations. Unfortunately, this was miserably missing in discourses visible […]
May 1, 2003

MFI Competition, Overlapping and the After-Effects

Sajjad Zohir Following overlaps in MFI membership, the paper looks into early phase of MFI competition in Bangladesh. Microfinance (MF) industry in Bangladesh has been the subject of study in […]