March 23, 2010

Number of Microcredit Clients Crossing the US $1.25 a day Threshold during 1990-2008 Estimates from a nationwide survey in Bangladesh

Sajjad Zohir Report Prepared for Microcredit Summit Campaign Using poverty scorecards drawn up from three sets of HIES data, a nation-wide survey was carried out in 2009 to arrive at […]
September 12, 2009

Black, White and Compromised Grey

Black, White and Compromised Grey Sajjad Zohir The Daily Star Published On: 2009-06-16 The article discusses black money in Bangladesh, in response to repeated provision for whitening with only 10% […]
December 31, 2008

দারিদ্র ও বৈষম্য : ভবিষ্যৎ চিন্তা

December 31, 2008 Sajjad Zohir With newly elected government soon to take charge, the article looks into various issues on the subject. It also critically examines the traditional approach to […]
December 27, 2008

On Election Commitments

December 27, 2008 Sajjad Zohir Discusses election commitments made by the two major parties prior to the general election in January 2009. 644