September 1, 1995

Medium and Long-Term Projections of Foodgrain Demand, Supply and Trade Balance in Bangladesh

Quazi Shahabuddin and Sajjad Zohir Article published in BIDS Journal The Bangladesh Development Studies Vol. XXIII, Sept-Dec. 1995, Nos 3 & 4 Based on my background works on estimating demand […]
July 1, 1995

Editor’s Introduction to Crop Diversification

Sajjad Zohir The Bangladesh Development Studies (BDS) 648
July 1, 1994

Agricultural Growth through Crop Diversification in Bangladesh

An IFPRI working paper drawing upon a BIDS-IFPRI research. Wahiduddin Mahmud, Sultan Hafeez Rahman, Sajjad Zohir This study is aimed at outlining the policies and issues of crop diversification that […]
March 1, 1994

Corruption and Entrepreneurship- some further thoughts

BIDS Journal, The Bangladesh Development Studies Vol. XXII, March 1994, No. 1 Sajjad Zohir Taking cue from a paper by Taslim on corruption in the same journal, it is argued […]