November 7, 2010

Governance of Microcredit in Bangladesh

Sajjad Zohir Article published in local newspaper Language : Bangla (Bengali) The paper reacts to several moves by the 2009-elected government to regulate the activities of microcredit, what later turned […]
September 1, 2010

Regional Differences in Poverty Levels and Trends in Bangladesh: Are we asking the right questions?

Sajjad Zohid There had been several studies using household level income-expenditure data to explain regional differences in poverty levels and trends within a country. The paper critically looks into those […]
August 12, 2010

সরকার, রাজস্ব বিভাগ ও করদাতা

সরকার, রাজস্ব বিভাগ ও করদাতা ১৬-০৫-২০১০ সাজ্জাদ জহির 779
June 4, 2010

সরকার, রাজস্ব বিভাগ ও করদাতা – এ তিনের স্বার্থের মিলন সম্ভাবনার সন্ধানে!