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Socially Responsible Financing: Guidance Note Drafting InitiativePublicationsJanuary 19, 2020
The spatial integration and pricing efficiency of the private sector grain trade in Bangladesh: Phase I reportPublicationsSeptember 25, 2019
Estimating the Impacts of the Jamuna Bridge on Poverty Levels in Bangladesh using SAM and CGE Models: A Comparative StudyPublicationsSeptember 25, 2019
Impact of Reforms in Agricultural Input Markets on Crop Sector Profitability in BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 25, 2019
Prospects for rice exports in BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 25, 2019
আঞ্চলিক বৈষম্য বনাম বিভেদকারী আঞ্চলিকতাবাদPublicationsSeptember 24, 2019
Social over individual developmentPublicationsSeptember 24, 2019
Economic aspirations for a ‘sovereign land’PublicationsSeptember 24, 2019
Difficulties in defining public needs and aspirationsPublicationsSeptember 24, 2019
Relative Prevalance of Poverty at Upazila Level in Selected Districts: Findings from Perception Survey based on Pair-wise ComparisonPublicationsSeptember 23, 2019
Review of SME Credit-related Policies of Bangladesh Bank Areas of further improvement with a focus on Micro and Small Enterprise (mSE) FinancePublicationsSeptember 23, 2019
Exclusion and Poverty: An analytical approach for understanding exclusion and assessing programs targeting the very poor in BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 23, 2019
Political Economy of FSM Case Studies on Fringes of Dhaka CityPublicationsSeptember 17, 2019
Political Economy of Water Supply in Khulna City Understanding the Regime of Rampant Groundwater ExtractionPublicationsSeptember 17, 2019
অর্থনৈতিক প্রেক্ষিত: একটি সার্বজনীন রূপরেখার সন্ধানেPublicationsSeptember 16, 2019
শিক্ষাব্যাবস্থাঃ অধোগতির ধারা পরিবর্তন কি সম্ভব?PublicationsSeptember 16, 2019
যোগাযােগে রাজনীতি ও অর্থনীতির অবিছেদ্যতাPublicationsSeptember 16, 2019
বাংলােদেশর যোগাযোগ ও পরিবহন ব্যবস্থার রাজনৈতিক অর্থনীতিPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
বাংলাদেশে সংযুক্তি ও অবকাঠােমার দেখভালPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Production and Distribution In a Single Crop EconomyPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
উপমহাদেশের যোগাযোগ ব্যবস্থার ব্যাপ্তি ও বিবর্তনPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
অর্থনীতির বিশ্বায়নে রাজনীতির আত্মহননPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Zoning of Bangladesh: an Exercise Based on Cropping PatternPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Wider Impacts of Microfinance Institutions: Issues and ConceptsPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Wage and Labor Market in AgriculturePublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Social Development and Human Security Issues and PerspectivesPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Shahabag: Selected ReflectionsPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Regional Differences in Poverty Levels and Trends in Bangladesh: Are we asking the right questions?PublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Reaching the Extreme Poor: Challenges, Constraints and OpportunitiesPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Prospects of Microfinance in the Hilly Region of BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Projections of Foodgrain Demand, Supply and Trade BalancePublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Problems and Prospects of Crop DiversificationPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Poverty and InequalityPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
NGO Sector in Bangladesh An OverviewPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Output Sharing as a form of Wage Payment During HarvestPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Rethinking tax CollectionPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
On Election CommitmentsPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
On Bangladesh Economic AssociationPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Observations on the proposed ‘wealth’ taxPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Participation of Non-Government/Private Sectors in the Delivery of Social Services-Reconciling with EconomicsPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Number of Microcredit Clients Crossing the US $1.25 a day Threshold during 1990-2008 Estimates from a nationwide survey in BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
MFI Competition, Overlapping and the After-EffectsPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Methods in Social ResearchPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Managing Food Security to Sustain Political Transition (Part II)PublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Managing Food Security to Sustain Political Transition (Part I)PublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Looking Ahead: Microcredit in BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Lessons from Implementing Selected UNDP Projects: Areas of Future Supports to Planning and Statistics for Poverty Reduction in CambodiaPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
Journey Towards Elusive Poverty ReductionPublicationsSeptember 14, 2019
In Search of the Pied PiperPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
In search of a general framework: economic perspectivePublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Implementation of Policies for Reducing Chronic Poverty PRS Country Study: BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Identifying Pro-Poor Economic Activities:Improvised Value Chain Analysis of Selected Goods & Services in Coastal Southwest BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Hopes & despairs: whither rural economyPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Governance of Microcredit in BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Free Trade with India: Assessing Indian gains from a Bangladesh perspectivePublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Financial rout and future optionsPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Exclusion and Initiatives to ‘Include’: Revisiting Basic Economics to Guide Development PracticePublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
The Emerging Role of the Private Sector in Delivering Social Services in the ESCAP RegionPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Editor’s Introduction to Crop DiversificationPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Economics of Politics in a Weak Nation Confronting GlobalizationPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Economics of Gas Export: why we need to look into ‘economic’ pricesPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
A Decision Support Tool for Government Engagements in Market for Essentials – the case of Food grains in BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Corruption and Entrepreneurship- some further thoughtsPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Analytical Study on Companies Act Reform and Informal EconomyPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Changing Policy Environment in Mongolia: Role of UNCT in a Country at CrossroadsPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Capital flight and problems of capital formationPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Black, White and Compromised GreyPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
A Preliminary Assessment of Kishoreganj Sadar Thana (KST) ProjectPublicationsSeptember 12, 2019
Issues in Assessing Multi-Sector Food and Nutrition ProgrammesPublicationsSeptember 9, 2019
Apartment Pricing in Dhaka CityPublicationsSeptember 9, 2019
An ex ante Assessment of Wealth/Property Tax in BangladeshPublicationsSeptember 4, 2019
A Political Economy Study of the WASH Sector in BangladeshPublicationsApril 7, 2018
Agricultural Growth through Crop Diversification in BangladeshPublicationsMarch 7, 2018
A Study on Food Aid Leakage in BangladeshPublicationsMarch 7, 2018
A Framework for Intergrating Mdgs in National Development Strategies: Review of Regional Experiences and Lessons for Accelerated Mdg ImplementationPublicationsMarch 7, 2018
বাংলাদেশে সংযুক্তি ও অবকাঠােমার দেখভালPublicationsMarch 7, 2018
উপমহাদেশের যোগাযোগ ব্যবস্থার ব্যাপ্তি ও বিবর্তনPublicationsMarch 3, 2018
Food Aid Distribution in Bangladesh: Leakage and Operational PerformancePublicationsSeptember 29, 2004
Opportunities And Challenges In Agriculture And Garments: A General Equilibrium Analysis Of The Bangladesh EconomyPublicationsNovember 29, 2002