Managing Food Security to Sustain Political Transition (Part I)
September 14, 2007
Lessons from Implementing Selected UNDP Projects: Areas of Future Supports to Planning and Statistics for Poverty Reduction in Cambodia
September 25, 2007

Managing Food Security to Sustain Political Transition (Part II)

Published in The Daily Star
on: June 04, 2007

This article summarises in two installments. The first part looks into the plausible reasons of price increase observed. The second part will address the future and immediate actions to face it so that the goals of political transition remain shared.

Discussion in the previous instalment of this article (published on Sunday) suggested that rice and other food prices would remain on the high side, at the least till next Aman harvest and till the winter vegetables start to enter the market in large scale. It is quite possible that the rice price will eventually settle at a high level.

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