A Political Economy Study of the WASH Sector in Bangladesh
March 27, 2016
Political Economy of FSM Case Studies on Fringes of Dhaka City
March 27, 2016

Political Economy of Water Supply in Khulna City Understanding the Regime of Rampant Groundwater Extraction

Sajjad Zohir and Md. Salauddin
Paper prepared for the WaterAid Bangladesh.

The central objective of the study is to understand the political, economic as well as technological factors that continue to perpetuate the current regime of groundwater-dependent water supply and use in KCC area. The purpose is to better appreciate the technological constraints within which such choices have been made, what obstructs switches to alternative modes where technological options are available, and recommend entry points for soft interventions, with a view to facilitate transition towards a surface water-based water supply regime in KCC area.

This study uses analytical, operational, extensive literature and iterative process to solve three main objectives. (i) the growth of groundwater-dependent water supply regime and political economic factor have led to current condition. (ii) understand the current state of groundwater-dependent regime in KCC area. (iii) identify stakeholders (public or private) of every supply chain and where they stand in sharing total economic rent.

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